Understanding and Facilitating Rural Health Transformation

Tools & Resources

Governance & Leadership

Decision-making authority, strategy development, leadership performance, and high-level health care organization processes designed to deliver Value-Based Care.

Evidence, Methods, & Models

Contemporary Efforts to Transform into High Performance Systems - Based on the results of roundtable discussions with rural and frontier innovators, this Rural Health Value resource offers themes, strategies, and perspectives on overcoming challenges related to health care innovation in rural communities. (2016)

Management Methodologies and Value-Based Strategies: An Overview for Rural Health Care Leaders - This Rural Health Value resource offers rural health leaders an overview of eight commonly used management methodologies to help guide change, plus additional resources and references for further exploration. (2019)

Rural Provider Leadership Summit Report - This report by the National Rural Health Resource Center provides strategies for rural provider engagement in transitioning to value-based reimbursement systems. (2016)

Tools & Resources

Assessing Leadership Competencies - Improve leadership competencies with a Rural Health Value summary of resources to help rural health leaders. (2020)

5 Key Questions for Healthcare Executives Considering a Transaction - Learn the five key questions should be answered before health care providers consider affiliations in this Becker's Hospital Review resource. (2012)

Demonstrating Your Value: A Guide to Potential Value-based Care Partnerships for Rural Health Care Organizations - This Rural Health Value resource assists CAH leadership in demonstrating the value CAHs bring to networks, affiliations, payers, community-based organizations, or accountable care organizations. (updated 2023)

Engaging Your Board and Community in Value-Based Care Conversations - Updated! This Rural Health Value resource provides conversation-starters to help rural health care leaders have value-based care discussions with board and community members. (2022)

How Hospital Leaders Can Build Good Working Relationships with Physicians - Explore potential barriers to physician engagement and understand strategies to help hospital leaders build good working relationships with physicians using this Rural Health Value resource. (2013)

Managing from the Middle: Leading Through Change - Developed by the National Rural Health Resource Center, this six-part podcast series is designed to support mid-level managers in understanding the 'why' and 'how' of value-based care and population health, and help build the knowledge and skills to successfully lead change. (2020)

Physician Engagement - A Primer for Healthcare Leaders - Rural Health Value highlights strategies and tools to help build effective physician relationships and trust. (2016)

Rural Hospital Toolkit for Transitioning to Value-based Systems - Developed by the National Rural Health Resource Center to disseminate recommended best practices and transition strategies, the toolkit shares recommendations for improving financial, operational, and quality performance that position rural hospitals and networks for the future, as well as outlines strategies for transitioning to value-based payment and population health. (2017)

Value-Based Care Assessment Tool - Assesses an organization's value-based care capacities and readiness for value-based care using this tool from Rural Health Value. (2018)

Value-Based Strategic Planning Guide - Developed by the National Rural Health Resource Center from a 2017 Rural Hospital Value-Based Strategic Summit, this guide offers resources to develop and execute strategic plans focusing on value-based strategies including templates for a balanced scorecard and strategy map. (2017)

Visionary Board Leadership and the Transition to Value Video Series - Developed by the National Rural Health Resource Center, this six-part educational video series, designed for critical access hospital board members, focuses on developing systems thinking and visionary leadership skills as keys to thriving in the changing health care landscape. (2020)

Profiles & Case Studies

Affiliation Partners Sought to Prepare Small Hospital for Value-Based Care - This Rural Health Value profile describes how a rural hospital sought affiliation partners so it could prepare to participate in risk-based reimbursement models. (2018)

Global Budget Process as an Alternative Payment Model - Learn how McCready Health regularly monitors and adjusts fees to achieve budget goals within Maryland's all-payer hospital rate-setting system in this Rural Health Value profile. (2017)

Proactively Pursuing Value-Based Payment - Summit Pacific Medical Center, a CAH in Elma, Washington is proactively advancing value-based care and approaching payers for value-based payment contracts. (2016)

Proactive System Affiliation - Three small rural hospitals formed an alliance in order to establish a mutually beneficial affiliation with a large regional medical center while remaining locally owned and controlled. (2015)

Rural Health Networks and New Forms of Governance - Learn about a formal collaborative of independent rural and urban hospitals that serves patients across the continuum of care. The network's governance structure enables all members to have an equal voice at the table. (2015)