Understanding and Facilitating Rural Health Transformation

Tools & Resources

Performance Improvement

Health care organization performance measurement and reporting designed to improve patient care, increase population health, and lower per capita cost.

High Reliability Culture to Eliminate Serious Harm - Central Peninsula Hospital, a rural Alaska hospital pursues high reliability patient care, with the goal to eliminate all serious harm to patients and employees by 2020. (Rural Health Value, December 2017)

UDS Crosswalk to Quality Reporting Programs - Highlights alignment between Uniform Data Set (UDS) measures and other quality reporting programs. Intended to help health centers identify which UDS measures are being utilized by other programs such as CMS Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), and the CMS Quality Payment Program (QPP). (Stratis Health, July 2018)
     Crosswalk for 2018 Calendar Year Reporting

How Hospital Leaders Can Build Good Working Relationships with Physicians - Explore potential barriers to physician engagement and understand strategies to help hospital leaders build good working relationships with physicians. (Rural Health Value, July 2013)

5 Key Questions for Healthcare Executives Considering a Transaction - Learn what five key questions should be answered before health care providers should consider affiliations. (Becker’s Hospital Review, 2012)

The Merger Frenzy - Discover a “stop and think” approach from a national health care affiliation expert during health care organization planning. (Newpoint Healthcare Advisors)

Finding Statistics and Data Related to Rural Health - Locate and use statistics and data in order to understand and communicate rural health needs. (Rural Health Information Hub)

Selecting Rural Data in American Factfinder - Find two methods for selecting rural data from the U.S. Census Bureau’s American Factfinder tool for rural health grant applications, community health needs assessments, and more. (Rural Health Information Hub, December 2016)

Data Sources & Tools Relevant to Rural Health - Find sources of data focused on healthcare services, health status, demographics, and social determinants of health. (Rural Health Information Hub)

Quality Improvement in Primary Care: External Supports for Practices - Improve quality with external supports for primary care practices. (Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, June 2014)

Using a Strategic Cycling Process to Increase Organizational Effectiveness - Utilize an effective technique to ensure that your strategy adapts to a changing environment, focuses on what is important, and remains effective over time. (Rural Health Value, February 2015)

Proactive System Affiliation - Form a small rural hospital alliance, locally owned and controlled, in order to establish a mutually beneficial affiliation with a large regional medical centered. (Rural Health Value, January 2015)

Diabetes Telephonic Care - Learn about promising results from a team approach using telephonic nurse management for diabetes support, education, and care management. (Rural Health Value, July 2014)

Rural Service Delivery Integration & Patient Engagement - Work towards a fully integrated and responsive health care delivery system through patient engagement, unnecessary surgery reduction, and emergency department "super utilizer" care management. (Rural Health Value, September 2013)

Using Data to Drive Change: Targeting High Service Utilizers - Identify high utilizers of emergency department and hospital services with data analysis. (Rural Health Value, August 2013)

A Rural Accountable Care Organization - Learn about the design and implementation of a rural-based and physician-led Advance Payment ACO in rural Nebraska. (Rural Health Value, September 2013)

A County-Based Care Integration Model - Learn how a County-based health care purchasing organization has established an Accountable Rural Community Health (ARCH) to integrate nearly 8,000 network health care providers across the care continuum with county public health and social services. (Rural Health Value, December 2013)

Rural Hospital System Transformation - Drive change using the Lean methodology by learning from hospitals in the Mercy Health Network who are challenged to do more with less, and have the right resources in the right place at the right time for every caregiver, decrease costs, and increase quality of care and patient safety. (Rural Health Value, March 2014)

Rural Health Networks and New Forms of Governance - Learn about a formal collaborative of independent rural and urban hospitals that serves patients across the continuum of care. The network's governance structure enables all members to have an equal voice at the table. (Rural Health Value, December 2015)

Emergency Department Super Utilizer Programs - Describes super utilizer program design, implementation, operation, and assessment. (Rural Health Value, October 2013)

Using Data to Understand Your Community - Address the Triple Aim© by using data to better understand your community’s population. (Rural Health Value, February 2014)

The Physician's Accountable Care Toolkit - Succeed as an Accountable Care Organization using resources to assist providers in the transition. (Towards Accountable Care (TAC) Consortium, 2012)

Responding to Rural Health's Unique Challenges - Review effective strategies for health care in rural areas. (The Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute-PCORI)