Understanding and Facilitating Rural Health Transformation

Physician Engagement – A Primer for Healthcare Leaders

The primer highlights strategies and tools to help build physician engagement. Engagement is defined as proactive physician involvement and meaningful physician influence that moves a healthcare organization toward a shared vision and a successful future. (Rural Health Value, February 2016)

The full physician engagement primer can be found here:

Additional support materials can be found in the links below:

  • Interview: An interview with Dr. Paul Kleeberg who has not only worked as a primary care provider in rural settings but who has also worked with hundreds of rural physicians on quality improvement and health information technology (HIT) initiatives.
  • Resource list: Find a comprehensive list of resources that will support physician engagement efforts.
  • Assessment tool: Use this Excel based tool to assess where your organization is in regards to physician engagement. The tool will provide results across four domains: governance, compensation, education, and data.