Understanding and Facilitating Rural Health Transformation

About Rural Health Value

Rural Health Value is a national initiative funded by a cooperative agreement from the Federal Office of Rural Health Policy (FORHP) with the RUPRI Center for Rural Health Policy Analysis (RUPRI Center) and Stratis Health. Rural Health Value has been underway since 2012, and the current cooperative agreement (2019-2023) is titled Rural Health Innovation and Transformation Technical Assistance (RHIT-TA).

The Rural Health Value team provides technical assistance, raises awareness, and engages in communication strategies. The RUPRI Center brings experience in a variety of research strategies including survey design, qualitative analysis, simulation development, and large national database query and report design. Stratis Health is a technical assistance expert, leading collaboration and innovation in health care quality and safety, and serving as a trusted expert in facilitating improvement for people and communities. See RHV's aims and mission.

Meet the Rural Health Value staff


Rural Policy Research Institute

The RUPRI Center, based at the University of Iowa with additional personnel at Washington University's Brown School, is a nationally recognized resource for expert knowledge regarding the intersection of rural health care change and public policy. The RUPRI Center conducts original research in the topical areas of access to health care services, Medicare policies, development of rural delivery systems (including effects of national policy), and public health. The mission of the RUPRI Center is to provide timely analysis to federal and state health policy makers, based on the best available research.

Stratis Health    

Stratis Health

Stratis Health, based in Bloomington, MN, is an independent non-profit quality improvement organization whose mission is to improve health care quality and value through collaboration and innovation. Stratis Health’s expertise in technical assistance approaches includes providing a range of training methods and tools to reach large and varied audiences, and fostering engagement to spread knowledge. We continually innovate to meet the learning needs of organizations as they test and implement new payment and delivery models, and achieve the uptake of interventions that lead to sustainable change. Improving rural health quality is a longstanding organizational priority, and Stratis Health engages rural providers in projects and demonstrations that meaningfully shape local program development and care delivery.